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Stop Foreclosure with Loan Modification

A large number of our clients will find themselves using a Loan Modification Plan to stop Foreclosure. If you can currently make your regular payment, but you can’t catch up with the past-due amount, we will negotiate with your lender to fold any past-due amounts, including interest and escrow, into the unpaid principal balance. This new amount will be re-amortized over a new period of time.

Or, if you are unable to make payments at this rate, we will negotiate with your lender to extend your loan for a longer period of time, modifying the loan amount to a more affordable level.

We will search out all of the new government bailout programs and help you qualify.

A Loan Modification will change your existing mortgage note. It will give you  a fresh new start in managing your home. Your account will be brought up to date immediately.

5 Step Process

Getting your loan modified is a 5 Step Process. Our experts work efficiently and effectively. The faster the documents are received, the faster the Loan Modification process can be completed.

Step 1: Free Financial Analysis

  • We will ask you a series of questions to make sure you can qualify for a loan modification before we begin the process

Step 2: Detailed Consultation

  • Detailed Income Analysis
  • Detailed Expense Analysis
  • Detailed Analysis of Financial Position
  • Analysis of pre qualification
  • We send you the loan modification application and documents for signature

Step 3: Documentation Preparation and Review

  • Request additional documents from client (as needed)
  • Review of received client package
  • Detailed Review of income documentation
  • Detailed Review of Assets and Liabilities
  • Detailed Review of Expenses
  • Structure package in accordance with Bank requirements
  • Analysis and Write-up of Loan Modification proposal
  • Fair market value analysis of subject property

Step 4: Submission of Completed File to Lender

  • Prepare all signed documents, financials, and all other required documents
  • Submit file to client's lender
  • Confirm lender has received and is processing file

Step 5: Loan Modification Complete

  • Complete all final Processing and Negotiating
  • Coordinate Loan Modification Approval with Lender and Client
  • Review Loan Modification Approval to confirm accuracy




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