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Avoiding Foreclosure By Profiting from the Bank’s Mistakes

The common mistake most borrowers make is that they let themselves get intimidated by the Bank's "large" reputation and "Big" business. .

Realize that lenders do not know everything. Lenders are run by people who often make mistakes.



Here are some common mistakes lenders make:

Original Documents Required:
Remember when you closed on your loan? You sat in an office around a large table as the closing agent handed you paper after paper to sign and initial.

To foreclose, the lender needs the original documents, with your signatures. Where is your lender? In Florida, or were the documents sent to North Dakota?

No original documents, no Foreclosure in Florida!

Packaging of Your Loan: Here is where all of the problems actually started. Remember you went to your local Bank or mortgage broker and you received that first payment notice, from a totally unknown Bank, usually half way across the country!

You might even have had this happen a few times. Well, you are on the loan packaging express. Your loan may have been sold so many times, often mixed with other loans, no one knows who really owns it and where it is.

Good for You, bad for your lender


If the lender cannot prove every link back to you, No Foreclosure. Your records may be in some warehouse anywhere in the country.



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